Old Style Siamese Cats


A Bit About Siamese Cats

There is a reason there are phrases such as, 'stereo type' and or, 'breed traits'. More goes into breeding than just color. Parts, if not most of, the personality and instinct, is bred in. Some learned traits, make no mistake. But how many times have you heard that one breed of cat, or other animal, does something more or better than others? Such as Hunting Dogs, or Arabian Horses, or Blue Hens. There is something to be said about 'bred in'. However. Keep in mind, that just because one animal of a breed or even many within that breed, do something, does not mean every single animal of that Breed does.

Do not however, think for one minute, that if you owned a Siamese and it died, another will be JUST LIKE THE FIRST ONE you owned. It won't. It will however share many of the same traits.

However, keep in mind that Siamese Cats ARE a bit Different than other breeds of cats.

Siamese Cats are a bit different, some people think, a Bit Better, than the 'average cat', ie, other breeds of domestic cats. They certainly 'Talk' more and louder than other breeds of cats. Sure, I will remind you again, that other cats may talk a lot and some are loud, but again, I am talking about the overall cats within the Breed each cat are within.

It's not just that Siamese Cats are built different and have different colored eyes. Most male Siamese Cats are less likely to fight with one another as other breeds of cats seem to. Male Siamese, most, are not only nicer to their own and other kittens, but also seem play with them, and teach them.

And oddly, Siamese Cats, it has been noted, have a higher rate of Male Births per litter or per capita than other breeds. Does this mean every Siamese Cattery has more males than females in every single litter, certainly not. What this means is, more males, per the Breed, are registered with litters as a whole.

Siamese Cats, as a whole, are easier to train than other breeds. Particularly to walk on a leash. Many people call them 'more dog like' than other breeds. With the correct person training them a Siamese cat could/can be taught to do many tricks and tasks.

Siamese Cats, true of almost every single Siamese, LOVE to be with 'their people'. They like to 'talk' to them, sit on their laps, do tricks and or tasks for treats, sleep with their people.

Siamese Cats like to play in water. Dripping sinks, bathtubs, after emptied with a bit of water still drying, water bowls, large dog water bowls (our Chakrii loves to lay inside of the dog bowl, even with water in it, as he drinks from it). Make sure your water bowls for both your dogs and cats are well weighted and not the type that can over turn easily. We know some Siamese Owners who's Siamese Cats do not just wait outside the shower for them, but want to come into the shower with them..... And we have learned, at our house, to keep the Toilet Bowl Lid down at all times.

Currently there are many different looks to the same breed, Siamese Cats that is. Such a shame. Breeders have reshaped the look of the Siamese Cat, but they have not renamed it. Many Siamese cats today have HUGE sideways ears, extreme triangled heads, and odd shaped, very slanted/slit eyes. To me, they look like Aliens from another planet. I am not saying they are not cute. Oh I Think They Are Cute.....but call the Mutants, understand genes and muting genes to understand I am not calling them bad names, call the Mutants something else. Make this new look a new breed..... but no. Now we have those and the Classic and or Old Style Siamese Cats as well as Modern Siamese Cats. I personally much prefer the Old Style.

Read and learn the Standard For The Breed. You might be surprised what it says.....Cross Eyes, for example, are a 'Fault'. Kinked Tails, are a 'Fault'. Many years ago, Crossed Eyes and in some lines, Kinked Tails, were 'just a trait' of Siamese Cats. Luckily, both the Crossed Eyes and Kinked Tails Faults have both about been bred out of good stock.

Your going to find, with the Mutants, the more extreme they are, they will have more health concerns. Any time you line breed to mute genes, you not only shape the look, you can also warp and set in bad traits and health problems too. In other words, when you breed a family trait back to a family trait, such as HUGE ears, you are also going to breed any and all of the Health problems that family might have....and none are without.

You will also find that Siamese Cats from 1980's and before look quite different than some of what Breeder have developed today. This is why you will see, "Breeding Classic Style..." or "Breeding Old Style...." or "Apple Headed Siamese Cats", in Siamese Kitten Advertisements.

Just keep in mind the old song......"We are Siamese if you please. We are Siamese if you Don't please". You may or may not like the old or the new style Siamese Cats, YOU might not like the Lynx/Tabby Point Coloring, you might not like a lot of things about a certain Siamese Cat or certain strain/s of Siamese Cats, but they are all Siamese Cats.

-- The Siamese Song Team
Wed, 22 Aug 2018 10:34:34 -0400

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