Purchasing YOUR New Kitten

Don't let anyone fool you with fancy words, with PC words about purchasing an animal! If you give money for an animal, you just BOUGHT it.

Buying Your Siamese Kitten (or any Type of Breed of Animal)

Health. You want to find a Reputable Breeder that only breeds healthy cats....not that unhelathy one, that was bred just because it is so well marked, or they want to continue the lines. For healthy kittens you want to find the Breeder that is NOT out to sell litter of kittens after litter.

Most people that breed cats, most not all, are breeding because the love cats, many because they Show their cats, those that want to improve the breed (that can be either a very good or very scary reason), or they really just enjoy having the kittens under their feet...at lease for a short while. Most, but not all, people that breed cats are breeding healthy cats. Most will not send off their kittens without shots and deworming, at the very least.

A Reputable Breeder will have healthy, happy, active kittens (until nap time). A Reputable Breeder will also off more than just a kitten when you purchase their kitten from them. They will offer advise, an offer of email assistance with your new kitten, Registration Application Papers, Health Papers, Pedigrees, and perhaps even written information or a Siamese Cat book.


If you want a Show Cat, go to a Breeder that is Showing and Winning with their cats in the Show Ring and buy a kitten FROM THE CATS THEY ARE SHOWING, not from the 'sister of', or 'our other cats', or 'cats we used to Show' (unless they are older cats and the Breeder can show you their true Show Results/Standings. Many times breeders (small b) will breed the breed of animals they Show, sell at Show Prices, but are NOT breeding their Show Stock. And there are a few ligitiment reasons for this, such as, the cats have Shows to Attend, but often, breeders have found a way to fund their Show Hobby, by selling animals of the same breed at high prices, but the animals they breed will 1) not be a true Show Quality animal at all, 2) not beat them in the Show Ring, 3) may be the kittens that are 'not up to snuff' and they would not be proud to sell their own "Cat Circle Of Friends and Acquaintances".

If you are looking for a Show Cat, bring a lot of money with you. Show Ring Animals do not come cheaply.

Do NOT be fooled by the term, "showable". The truth is most cats are 'showable'. What you want is a kitten from WINNING Conformation Show Lines.

Be careful with the term, "not showable". What that should mean is the cats size, or color or lack of color or mismarked. NOT DEFOREMED OR SICK OR WITH OTHER HEALTH PROBLEMS!


Please take the time, before buying (any animal) a new Kitten and research not only the Breed, but the Breeder. Buy books. Don't just read the pages, study the photos. Know what a nice Siamese Cat looks like, and there are now many different looks about them. Decide what type you are looking for, what color, what sex, how old a cat you want to purchase and love.

We at VonKazmaier Cattery, breed 'Old Style', or 'Classic' type Siamese Cats, not the more modern look. Know that you want to look at the PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS of the kittens to see how that cat will grow to look. You can not buy a Modern Siamese and hope that it has an 'apple' head or smaller ears when it is grown. If is just not going to happen.

Much Much More To Come on this!

The contents of this page for Purchasing YOUR New Kitten is still under construction. Please check back.

-- The Siamese Song Team
Wed, 22 Aug 2018 10:43:03 -0400

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