No Bad Cats!??

No Bad Cats!?

This PC Bologna has gotten more than one person in trouble.

Somewhere about the 1970's someone wrote a book saying that, basically, it is never then animal's fault. They were saying that all animals, the book was specifically written about dogs, but this applies for all animals, no matter what, their bad behavior was always blamed on the humans, not the animals. All animals are good. If an animal was bad or mean or bit someone, it was the human's fault.

This is NOT true. It is/was a sham! It has started a lot of bull...ony, that needs to stop. There ARE animals with problems.

When this book written about how animals are innocent of all problems got big, people began to blame their selves for having animals that were 'out of hand', odd, and misbehaved, even with the owner trying to do something about it. Some people that could have been very good at training animals gave up because they were told, it was them, not the animal.

Let me tell you the truth. No PC Bull.

There are animals that ARE bad/troubled. Some animals are genetically mean. Some are genetically retarded. Some are genetically ill. Some animals are genetically shy, that is, scaredy cats. Some animals are genetically deformed causing pain to that animal that a person may not even notice. Some cats are emotionally disturbed for one reason or another, sometimes early poor nutrition from their mother cat. Some cats are deaf and the owners have not noticed.

Some cats have problems because of too tight of inbreeding. This can be a big problem with cat colonies breeding haphazardly on their own.

There are now Recognized Breeds of cats that have high percentages of actual wild cats in their genetics, some a higher percentage of wild cats than others. Most average pet owners do not know how to deal with these breeds of cats but are drawn to them for their beautiful.

Very few cats, even though people want to believe a very high percentage, are abused. Many times deaf, or genetically mean or genetically shy animals are deemed, "abused before we 'recused' it." Most times, so often, this is NOT true. The animal has other problems. The problem is why it was given up to the shelter for. NOT abuse. There are agencies that use this excuse, abuse that is, before the animal arrived on their sites, for selling animals giving them a 'sad back story' to draw in people to the hype.

Sometimes, however, it IS the owner problem, but the owner does not know why, and has not done anything on purpose to hurt their pet.

Many times a cat will have problems due to poor care. Not eating the right, that is correct type of, foods. The cat may not getting the sleep it requires. If the cat does not have toys to play with this can, believe it or not, cause the cat to play with owners items, deeming it a 'bad cat' for breaking valuables. If the cat is overfed and fat it can have all sorts of health issues.

If the animal is not cared for correctly, they can not flourish. Even cats with matted hair can be so uncomfortable, it hurts, and they may be angry about it.

If a cat has ear mites, or fleas, or lice or internal worms, they can be very unhappy...and itchy.

The cat may have been mishandled by children, adults or other pets in the home.

The owners have spoiled the cat by letting it bite and scratch as a kitten. These owners did no training when the cat was small and young and can not figure out why their cat is such a terror!

What To Do With An Angry or Unhappy Cat

Start first with health issues. Have a Veterinarian look over your cat carefully. Write down, for about a week before you trip with Kitty to the Vet, everything you think is not right with your cat. EVERYTHING. Don't leave anything out. Don't make excuses for your cat's poor or mean behavior.

Has your cat always been "off" or is this something new?

Watch what is triggering your cat's bad behavior. Is it just before a meal? A person in particular that the cat does not like? Is it just that cat time to run just as the sun goes down and right before the sun comes up?

Read your cat food label and make sure that the food you are buying meets a cat's nutritional needs. Make sure your cat is eating right. Check your cat's mouth and teeth to make sure there are no problems.

By. All. Means. Lock up a cat that bites or scratches company BEFORE company arrives. Just because you love your cat and let it bite you...dose not mean other people think that is ok behavior and don't mind being hurt by YOUR cat. And you better think about Law Suits.

-- The Siamese Song Team
Wed, 22 Aug 2018 12:44:55 -0400

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