Picking Up YOUR New Kitten

Picking up kitty is an exciting time. There are a few things that will make that easier and indeed better for Kitty.


Your Kitten's Breeder will have things that you need to listen to. Like when Kitty last ate, what is in your paper work the Breeder is giving to you, like shot records and deworming records.

It is best to leave your human children at home. There is a lot you will need to hear from the Breeder, the kittens in your Breeders home are not toys, and your Kitty is going to have a lot of NEW in it's life, a calm start is a good start. Plus. Leaving the human kids at home frees up YOUR mind too. You will be able to listen better to the Breeder and see Kitty to go over it before leaving....like looking to see if the kitten has fleas (ALWAYS a smart thing to do before taking any new animal to your home).


Check Kitty for fleas. Hold kitty upright so that you can see Kitty's belly. Then hold Kitty so that you can run it's hair backwards up from tail to shoulders. Look for fleas and flea dirt. KITTY'S SKIN SHOULD BE CLEAN.

Also check to make sure your kittens teeth are set correctly, as well as that the kitten has straight/correct leg set.

Check for any lumps or bumps on kitty. Keep in mind, kittens play hard with one another and some WILL have bites or scratches from the other kittens....however, good to make note of it at the Breeder's Home and maybe even have the Breeder sign something about where the lump or bump is located on the Kitten's body. That way should the kitten need to go to the Vet, the Breeder can pay the bill.....unless otherwise stated in the Breeder's Paperwork you receive upon purchase....always read fine print.


There are some things you should have with you when you go to pick up your kitten. A small cat sized Crate or Box that folds shut securely.

It is always a good idea to have an Old Towel or old shirt with you for kitty to lay on on the way home. This way Kitty is not sliding around in the crate as you drive.

If you have a long drive with your new kitten, you might want to take a larger Crate with a small pan of Kitty Litter in it.

If you have an overnight stay on the way home from your Breeder, be sure to remember, Food and Water and Bowls. But don't expect Kitty to eat too much.

Wet Wipes. I rarely, if ever, leave home without Wet Wipes. If Kitty gets sick, or goes potty when it should not. If Kitty goes potty on you. If food and or water is spilled....and the list goes on. Another thing that wipes should be used for, if Kitty's claws scratch you, wipe right away with a Wet Wipe.

more to come

The contents of this page for Picking Up YOUR New Kitten is still under construction. Please check back.

-- The Siamese Song Team
Fri, 24 Aug 2018 07:55:53 -0400

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