Natural Cat Care

Natural Cat

There is much a person can do, naturally, to help their Kitty stay in good health, and happy.

Make sure your cat is up to date on all immunizations and keeps up on any medicine a licensed veterinary prescribes. THAT is the Number One way to keep Kitty Happy and Healthy. A cat that is not feeling well, will not be a happy cat.

There are many things a person can do can keep their cats healthy and away from the Vet's Office. Starting with feeding Kitty correctly. READ THE LABEL OF THE CAT FOOD YOU BUY. Just because it costs more per pound does not mean it is better for Kitty. Not only should you buy a good for Kitty ingredient filled Cat Food, the same is true of Cat Treats.

Daily Vitamins? Maybe. Too much calcium for a neutered male cats is not a good thing.

Cat Grass. What is cat grass? Cat Grass is usually grown in the cat's owners home window. It is grass or millet seed in a small quantity. The Cat Grass is not only good for digestion in any cat, it will help stop hair balls in long haired cats.

Groom Kitty often. Long haired breeds need a good brushing and combing more often then short haired cats. Grooming your cats is good for not only removing loose hairs so that the cat does not ingest them. It also keeps the hair from matting, lets you get a good look at the cat's skin, a person grooming their cats can also check for fleas, lice, ear mites, and any other parasite that Kitty may have picked up. If you find skin or bug problems you can take care of them BEFORE they become a health problem for Kitty.

Make sure that Kitty gets all the exercise they need for good health. You might laugh at this if you have a Kitten or very active cat. But as cats mature, some sure do become lazy and want to just lay around all day...and they want to eat.

Don't overfeed Kitty.
If you notice Kitty is getting a bit fat, cut it's food back in size. Don't let Kitty talk you out of too many treats either.

Water. Make sure you cat always has clean fresh water available. This is VERY important for the male cat that has been neutered as they can develop problems urinating. Make sure your neutered male not only has water, but drinks it. This might take some fun ideas with water play. Also. Canned cat food does add more moisture to a cat's body than dry cat food will.

Keep Kitty Litter CLEANED! Not only is it gross and stinky not to take care of your cat's litter, it can hurt their heath. Further, if you do not empty that Kitty Litter, how will you tell a maggot from a worm? Neither should be near/on/in kitty. If you find anything moving in your cat's litter, Put it into a closed plastic bag and take it and a stool sample to your vet to have the vet check to see if your cat has worms. Fleas can and do, cause worms in cats (and dogs and horses and....)

Fleas. Do what it takes to relieve Kitty of fleas, and clean your home of any fleas and or eggs that might be there to reinfect your Kitty. Flea injection cause worms inside Kitty too. Not only will Kitty be itchy with fleas, they can and do suck the blood out of Kitty. Fleas can cause diseases in cats.

Wash Kitty's bed every couple of weeks and or at least once a month. Keep kitty clean, that will help keep Kitty healthy.

Cat Toys. Believe it or not, toys, appropriate for a cat, are important for Kitty's health. Cats need to be active, cats need their minds worked. Cat toys are inexpensive. You can also craft your own cat toys. Cats with toys are entertaining for humans and other animals to watch.

Cat Scratchers. These are usually a pole shaped item that Kitty can sharpen it's claws on. But even declawed cats enjoy them.

BEFORE YOU PULL OUT YOUR WALLET TO PAY FOR 'SOME' OF THESE SO CALLED, 'NATURAL REMEDIES AND NATURAL HEALTH IDEAS' FOR YOUR CAT.... TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT IT, READ ABOUT IT, SEE IF YOU REALLY THINK THAT ANY OF THIS MAKES SENSE.... USE YOUR COMMON SENSE! Since animals can not talk, in our language, be very careful who you put your Cat's Health Care into. This includes, but is not limited to, those that practice Veterinarian Medicine. There is a WC Feild's old movie line I LOVE!, : "You can't fool all the people all of the time, but you can fool some of the people some of the time, and that is enough to make a good living."

-- The Siamese Song Team
Wed, 22 Aug 2018 11:42:50 -0400

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