Siamese Kittens For Sale

The contents of this page for Siamese Kittens For Sale is still under construction. Please check back later.

We do NOT, at this time, offer Siamese Kittens for sale.

When we do.....

We offer Kittens that will have had their First Shots, been Dewormed, and that are Registerable through the North American Purebred Registry, Inc.

Along with your Kitten you will receive, the Kitten's Registration Papers, a Plastic Folder (plastic to last for a lifetime) with Feeding, Training, Litter Box, Leash Training and more, information printed up for you so that you have it in your hands when you get home.

Your Kitten also goes to your home with a New Toy, to encourage interaction and training between the two of you, as well as a Siamese Cat Book. An older book with real information inside of it. Not these new PC books that tell you nothing except to go to or to ask your Veterinarian any, even simple, questions you might have.

-- The Siamese Song Team
Wed, 22 Aug 2018 11:09:50 -0400

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