Siamese Markings/Coloring

Himalayan/Siamese Markings

Himalayan, some call it Siamese, Markings on many types of Species came/come naturally through inbreeding and line breeding. Himalayan Markings also come with eyes of a different color, blue, not the normal green or yellow in color of most cat breeds, red eyes rather than brown or black for other species. Himalayan Markings are usually a light colored animal, white to cream, with dark colored 'points'. Points are, nose, ears, feet and tall.

Cats are one of those species and with their Himalayan markings, blue eyes. There are several Breeds of Cats with what is called, "Himalayan Markings". Himalayan Marked Cats come in many different colors. Black, Chocolate, Seal, Blue to Red to Cream on white. Himalayan Cats, different breeds, come in different body types and coat lengths. Siamese Cats usually have very short coats. There are also other, several other, Breeds of Cats with Himalayan Markings as well as, cat Breeds that allow or approve of "Himalayan Colors" within the colors that the breed may have on their coats.

Some folks go on and on and on about where the Siamese Breed came from and how. The truth is, no one really knows. But if you know anything about Genetic Mutations in Colony Breeding of animals, you can bet, one day a Siamese Marked Kitten or two or more showed up in a litter and someone decided to take those kittens and their parents and 'make more'. This is indeed how Breeds of all animals got their start. Siamese Cats are said to have originated in Siam, now Thialand. That the cats were owned by Royalty and the Wealthy, that could be true.

Other Species of Animals that also have Siamese/Himalayan Markings:

Cats, many different breeds, blue eyes. Some other cat Breeds allow the Himalayan Markings under 'allowed colors'.
Rabbits, several different breeds, red eyes. Many Rabbit Breeds allow the Himalayan Markings under 'allowed colors'.
Guinea Pigs, several different breeds, and breeds that allow or approve of the markings, each have red eyes.
Gerbils, red eyes.
Chinchillas, usually red eyes, but also dark eyes
Ferrets, red eyes
Fancy/Pet Rats, different types of hair/coat, red eyes.
Fancy/Pet Mice, red eyes.
Hedgehogs, red eyes.
Buckskin Horses, brown eyes....debatable of the gene formation, but you get the idea...

Himalayan Markings change with age of the animal. Many, most, will become much darker in color. However, in Fancy Rats and or Fancy Mice, when they become about 1 year old, it is not uncommon for the Himalayan Markings to fade a bit too. Very few rodents ever get as darkly marked as cats.

Finding a really well marked Himalayan Markings Guinea Pig or Gerbil might be a challenge. Oh They Are 'Out There'. But it is more common to find, call it 'faded markings', just a spot of markings, mismarked, rather than the 'full on Himalayan Siamese Markings', as in a cat or rabbit we think of when these markings comes to mind.

Often, with Guinea Pigs and Fancy Rats, breeding Himalayan to Himalayan marked animals, will produce all white babies with red eyes that will stay all white. IF you are purchasing one for the Siamese colors, be sure to tell the Breeder what you are looking for, and ask for a guarantee that the pet will produce the colors with age.

Rabbits however, several breeds as well as breeds that allow the Himalayan Markings are a sure thing. The trait/color has been set for many many years. Rabbit Breeds such as Californians and Himalayan, are bred well and will produce the colors on all babies, all but a very very rare kit (baby rabbit, often called bunny).

All these different species that are marked Siamese, will be born white, the color will start coming in as the babies start opening their eyes. Guinea Pigs however are born like a deer or a goat, they walk within a few moments of being born. Their Siamese Markings can, but are not always, show at birth.

There are MANY Breeds of cats that show the Siamese/Himalayan Markings. Many of the breeds are breeds within breeds....such as the Color Point. For some Cat Club Registries, the Color Points are a separate breed from the Siamese Breed....with good reason, they used 'outside the breed' genes to obtain the colors, albeit, Siamese/Himalayan Markings.

Siamese, Balinese, Himalayan, Birman, Burmese, Javanese, Ragdoll (with other white markings), Toninese, Snowshoe, Tiffanie, are a few of the Cat Breeds you will find with the Siamese/Himalayan Markings. This list does not include the other Breeds of cats that allow the Siamese/Himalayan Markings within their Standard of the Breed.

Siamese/Balinese Cat Kittens Coat Colors Will Change With Age

Siamese Kittens are born white. As they age, sometimes it seems each day while kittens, they start to get their markings and their points darken. Siamese Cats can and often do change a bit, by bit, until they are 4 to 5 years old. Many times, well bred, kittens within the same litter will look quite different from one another, only to end the same in color as adults. Kittens from the same litter can also have very different markings, that is, how much of the face is covered with darker markings, how high their markings come up their legs, how rich the color is and will be.

Siamese Cats look their best at about 2 -3 years old. Take a lot of photos at that point in their age.

The Eyes of Siamese Cats should always remain Blue. The Blue of their eyes however, can be very light, to very dark.

Siamese/Balinese Cat Coat Colors

Siamese, or the Himalayan Markings, come in many colors and or shades. Some colors so close in color to others they are hard to tell apart. Some of the colors are excepted by SOME Cat Registration Clubs for Registration SOME ARE NOT!...but that's a 'whole other Cat Fight!'.

If you are looking for a certain color of Siamese Cat and want to Show your cat....find out what Cat Registry Clubs offer Shows near you, find out what that same Cat Club Registry allows in coat colors and what they do not.

There is a good reason for the Clubs to decide on the Colors they allow. The newer colors were bred in using Short Haired Cats of other breeds. Thus diluting the Siamese Genes. In my mind, this can be a good and bad thing....breeding in new blood. Often bringing in new blood can bring in better traits along with color, but remember, when you breed, you NEVER GET JUST THE GOOD TRAITS! It also takes many generations to 'set the genes', many times, this in and of itself can be a double edged sword.

None the less, not all Cat Clubs Allow All Siamese Colors. Before Investing, Research!

Go to the Cat Club's Registration Website you are interested in being part of and see the colors they allow.


Mismarked patterns. There are kittens, even, once in a while, from high end Show Breeders, that are mismarked. That is a white paw here, a white tail tip here, odd shaped face pattern, a faded color pattern there. Actually, faded coloring this is how different colors were established.

Most however, good lines, will have the genetic Himalayan pattern 'show' or 'express', each and every breeding and each and every kitten.

No kitten is perfect. Some do come very close to the Standard for the Breed, but you won't be able to purchase those. Those will be kept by the Breeders for either the Show Ring or to use for Breeders, or usually both.

Most kittens offered to the General Public are what is called, "pet grade". Pet grade kittens are perfectly healthy kittens that are not marked or built correctly for the Show Ring. Some kittens are offered, "showable"....these are kittens do not have disqualification traits, however, they are not what Show Cat Breeders refer to as, "Show Cats". KEEP IN MIND! A 'showable' kitten can change and by the time it becomes an might not be a Show Stopper.

Do not mistake the Tortoiseshell Siamese Pattern for mismarking. It is odd to see at first. Some are just plain ole, not so pretty. Most are not semantically marked. Many are beautiful. But if you want an Old Style, Classic Siamese, you are probably not looking for a Torti.

Do Not Mistake, Do Not Be Taken In with, "Not Show Quality" that actually means.... Deformed or Unhealthy

It costs a lot less, in the long run, to own and love a cat without Health Problems. Vet Bills and Heartache are not worth taking on some breeder's genetic mess.

If the kitten has problems, even if it is offered to you FREE, it is GOING TO COST A BUNDLE through the years to own and love. Start with a Healthy cat.

Somewhere about 1985 people started this whole, be a self reknown hero, thing. That is this whole campaign to "rescue" animals. Learn what true rescue is. In today's world it has become buying an animal from someone that gives the animal some sad story that may but is probably NOT true. This lead to this whole thing about 'save a life'. At one time there was truth in this. But today, it has become a MONEY MAKER! Many of these people are BREEDING MIXED BREEDS TO SELL AS "RESCUES"! Giving each one some sad story.

Worse. These same folks will ask for some long, invasive question formed filled out. Many now ask how much money comes into your home in a years time. They want you to buy their animals, but if you read what you are signing, they really still own the animal and can come and take it at any time. Many have 'drop in checks' on you throughout the animals life. They will tell you how often the animal should go to the Veterinarian and that it must be sexually altered at a very young age (not healthy for any animal).

With this trend, these 'rescues' started selling or hoarding for 'donations to pour in', deformed and sick animals. It has become a 'thing' now to take in these animals. It's all good and fine as long as you know the amount of Veterinarian Bills and Medicine Costs, and not just financially, time! You will be putting into these animals.

At the same time, Good Animal Breeders became bad people. They villaised all Breeders using words like "Back Yard Breeders", "Puppy/Animal Mills", and such. True or not. Breeders, all Breeders became bad guys.

This is simply not true!

Further! If their 'rescues' were not all about the money.....why are they ALWAYS begging for more!? Why do they charge so much for their animals they sell? Why is there one fund raiser after another????

Beware of the Breeders who will continue to breed cats that they know are breeding/producing Deformed and Unhealthy Kittens. Stay far from them. Do NOT reward their bad behavior of continuing to breed problems into their or within their lines. Beleive it or not, there seems to be a lot of these folks breeding and they are charging ridiculous prices for their kittens.

The contents of this page for Siamese Markings/Coloring is still under construction. Please check back later!

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