About Our Own Cats

I have had cats since I was a kid. But I have only had HOUSECATS since I was 17 and have had them ever since. I have trained, bred and even hand raised (found tiny kitten abandoned).

I have had a few Siamese in my lifetime (a few in this term means way more than 3), and I must admit, they are my favorite breed! I love the personality as much as I do the Blue Eyes and Coloring and Markings. But what I really love is how SMART and how easy to train Siamese Cats/Kittens are.

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Searching For Our Siamese Kittens

It sounds like such an easy task. That is, finding and purchasing a Siamese Kitten. However, I am not just picky about my kittens, I want to feel like I trust the Breeder that I get my kittens from. I want the Breeder to know something about the Breed, not just someone that 'rubs to cats together to produce pretty kittens'.

I like the Old Style Siamese Cats. Apple Heads, Stouter Builds. I do not care for the Alien looking New Style Siamese. In fact, I wish they would have renamed the Breed....like they did for the Long Haired Siamese, Balinese. Finding QUALITY Old Style is not easy.....for me, I could find males, but females, not so easy. Did you know? That Siamese 'per capita' have more male kittens than females? Many Breeders also want to keep their good Kitten Queens to continue their lines....boy, I get that!

So finding my kittens was hard enough....finding kittens that I would one day breed, even harder. Finding REGISTERABLE Old Style Kittens that I would want to breed, took years. Literally. Years.

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-- The Siamese Song Team
Wed, 22 Aug 2018 10:46:45 -0400

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