Cat Trivia

Here is a bit of fun trivia about cats you may or may not already know.

Calamity Jane

Did you know that Calamity Jane took a horse drawn wagon and went miles away to collect cats to take back to Deadwood, SD? She sold them for $10 each, a LOT of money at that time. Why? Rat infestation.

Developing Breeds

Breeds are developed when a human spots a mutation of a gene that presents in a kitten or more than one kitten within a litter of cats. With careful inbreeding the mutation can be "fixed" and a new breed of cats are developed. Honest and Respectable Breeders are very careful to not breed in health or deformities as they work to set the genes in this new breed.

Breed Differences

In our times cat breeds are not that different. That is, not as different as dog breeds are. Dogs come in all sizes and shapes and with very different to no coats. Cat breeds do have coat differences, shape differences, and a bit of size differences, but not like they do in dog breeds. Is it coming? Maybe.

There is however a cat for everyone that would like to own a cat. Short hair, long hair, curly hair, no hair, tall and lanky, short and stought. Blue eyes, green eyes, orange eyes, odd eyes (one cat with two different eye colors). Black cats, white cats, striped cats, spotted cats.... and the list goes on and on and on.

Research and shop before you decide what Kitty is for you.

Wiry Body Builds

How does Kitty get in that tiny spot? Cats are built different than you or I or our dogs. Cats are build like a mouse or rat. If they can get their heads through a hole, they can get into the space. The problem with that is, sometimes Kitty can not get back out of those small areas they get into.

Mousers ~ Snakes

Barn Cats have the life that all domestic cats dream of. They can go where they want, hunt and hang out. Did you know that being Barn Cat is a real job? Wild mice and wild rats get into livestock foods and soil in them. This spreads disease to other animals but can spread the same to humans. Mice also bring in snakes, because snakes eat mice. This can be a real problem, again, for both the livestock and the humans....especially in Rattle Snake and other poisonous snake territory. The Barn Cats kill the mice. This in turn keeps them out of the foods and will certainly help keep snakes away. This is why Barn Cats are so important on Farms and Ranches. And not a bad thing in the Cities!

Intuitive Cats

Ever heard someone say that their cat felt weather changes, or some disaster coming? Or how about the cats that like dogs, warned people of danger, or just someone coming to visit? Odd behavior? Maybe not.

Odd Colors And Markings

Cat Songs

I bet off the top of your head you can name at least ONE Cat Song. A song where a cat or cats are mentioned or even sang about. There are many, many songs about and that mention cats. Even songs with Cat in there titles. Think of one now....then try to get it 'out of your head'.

As Agile As A Cat

I am sure you have heard people describe another person as: "As agile as a cat." Everyone has seen a cat walk a tight rope, or the like. All of us have seen cats fall and land on their feet. Agile. Cats are very agile. Because cats are so agile and able to enjoy these feats, and they do enjoy them, cats have become the 'bench mark' of agility in living things.

Famous People that Owned/Own Cats

coming soon

Cat Trainers

Did you know that for EVERY cat you see on TV or in a movie or show, there is a Cat Trainer that taught it to do the tasks it is doing? Yes. Even when the cat is just sitting there, or just walking up a set of stairs. ANY time you see a Cat in a TV Show or Movie, there is a Trainer near by.

Cat Trainers have been around for.... well, probably as long, if not before, as there has been domestic cats. Think! How did cats BECOME domestic?

Agility Facts

Animal Agility as a Sport (dog, cat, rat, rabbit, horse or any other species of animal) is a course of equipment in a ring that an animal will maneuver: over, under, around and through in a timed event/race. The animal that completes the course without upsetting equipment with the fastest time wins the event. Agility is fun and exciting for the animals, handlers and spectators.

Dog Agility was started in 1978 at the Cruff's Dog Show as entertainment for spectators. Dog agility was modeled after Horse Steeplechase. From there it caught on quickly and evolved into many different agility dog clubs with different agility competition rules and different types of equipment. Soon other animal owners thought it might be fun to teach to their species agility courses. You can now all types of animals running agility course for fun and in competition.
Trick Training A Cat ~ How To Hold Their Attention

Fat cats that are filled with food at all times is not going to be interested in anything you have for it or for many, want to spend time with you....they will want to sleep...til the next meal.

Cat Food vs Dog Food

Did you know that a cat's taste pallet is more sensitive than that of a dog? It's true. Studies by Pet Food Companies have proved that cat's are not just finicky eaters, they really do prefer certain tastes and not others. This is why your dog loves your cat's food, but your cat probably does not eat your dog's food. And....why.....dogs love to get into the Kitty Litter Box and have a treat.

Cat food is also made for a cat's nutritional needs. Feeding a cat dog food can lead to not only blindness, but a list of other health problems as well.

Cats And Water

There are breeds of cats that LOVE water. They love it. They want to play in it and swim and drink it up.

But. Most cats do not. It is very important to make sure that your cat IS drinking water. Make sure you cat is not dehydrated. If you do have a problem with your cat not drinking enough water for health reasons, talk to your Veterinarian about this.... Somethings you can do to entice Kitty would be to let your water faucets drip while Kitty is in the room. Many cats like to drink running water, so much so that they now sell fountains for water bowl for cats.

Make what we call, 'Kitty Stew', by mixing a bit of dry food with a teaspoon full of canned food, with about 1/4 cup water, letting this sit til the dry food is soaked up with the water. Serve fresh and throw out (our dogs get the left overs, because there are so few) what is left over. Mixing a new batch each morning or several times a day.

Also simply severing moist or canned or water added to meals can help.

Cat Scratch Fever

It is more than a song. There really is such a thing as "Cat Scratch Fever" and it really does come from getting scratched by a cat.

The CDC found about 35 percent of pet cats carry the bacteria linked to cat scratch fever. However. I am not sure how they EVER tested all the cats in the world. But ok. Statical Analysis.

Cross Eyed Cats

Crossed Eyed Cats have a genetic fault. IT IS NOT A TRAIT OF SIMAESE CATS.

Siamese Cats Have BLUE Eyes.

Siamese Cats have Blue Eyes. That little dot behind the work Eyes means that is it. No more colors. IF a so called Siamese Breeder tries to tell you that Green Eyes show up in their lines....then their lines are not true. GENETICS 101, BLUE EYES BRED TO BLUE EYES ALWAYS PRODUCE BLUE EYES. Again. That little dot behind the word EYES.

The contents of this page for Cat Trivia, like many of our pages, will remain under construction. Please check back.

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